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Interior doors focus on layouts from modern and minimalistic to classic and conventional. PA Home stocks a multitude of options from stainable to paintable doors to match any home.


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Once the Interior Door is opened, it integrates smoothly into the room, maintaining an unobstructed passage and enhancing the overall spatial harmony. This addition boosts the room’s aesthetic and coherence without compromising privacy or style. The door’s design and function fit perfectly with various architectural themes, from modern to classic, enriching the interior’s charm and practicality. Its excellent adaptability makes it a fitting choice for both residential and commercial settings, providing a blend of sophistication and functionality.

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If you are in pursuit of refined aesthetics, seamless operation, and an interior door that complements your home’s natural ambiance, our Interior Door collection is the ideal choice. This range is designed to blend seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional interiors. We provide a multitude of customization options to ensure your door reflects your personal style.

Select from an assortment of colors, finishes, panel configurations, and glass options to suit your specific taste and requirements. Our Interior Doors are also equipped with modern, energy-saving features to enhance your home’s efficiency. Opt for the highest quality Interior Doors on the market to elevate the sophistication and comfort of your living space.

When Should I Choose A Door Only?

Door only is ideal when you are replacing an existing interior door of the same measurements and the existing door frame is in good condition. Purchasing a door only allows for control over where your handle set sits on the door and where the hinges are placed. Because it is a door only, it will not include any hardware or a frame.

Common Uses:

Closets, Hallways, Offices and Family Rooms

When To Use:

Replacing an existing door of the same measurements

Door frame is in good condition, but existing door is damaged

In bypass or pocket door application

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Construction Types

Doors do more than just open and close; they are meant to spearate spaces, and add security and privacy to those spaces. The construction of the door will have an impact on those factors and can help you determine the best door for your space.


We have a variety of species that will add to and impact that specific style you are looking for. Each material has it’s own unique characteristics that impact the look, finish options, and feel of your home.

Finishing Touches

Finish off your door system by pairing it with one of the available frame and hinge options that will best match your door and style.

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Interior doors serve as one of the primary components of your homes interior design. A wide variety of interior door options and styles are available to suit the style of any home and budget. Molded, MDF, and Wood doors are available in several species and lite patterns to perfectly suit the design of your home or project.

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