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Established in 2008 in Foshan, China, PA Home is a global leader in full-system home customization, offering an extensive range of high-quality products including cabinetry, windows, doors, and complete bathroom solutions. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to meet international standards, ensuring every home we touch is transformed with love, comfort, and personalized elegance. PA Home, where every detail matters in creating your perfect living space.


About Us

PA Home Group was founded in 2008 in Foshan, China, the capital of building materials.

The company has a production capacity of more than 80,000 square meters in headquarter. As a whole-house customization enterprise, PA HOME specializes in customizing furnishings with an international perspective. In 2023, PA HOME’s product range expanded to include: CABINETS, WINDOWS, DOORS, FULL BATHROOMS & WALL PANELS, to establish a diverse and comprehensive pattern in the home furnishing industry, enhancing its offerings for a global market.

Since 2014,PA HOME has been expanding globally, primarily through strategicpartnerships in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Africa, theMiddle East and others.

By 2023, PA HOME further intensified its international strategy, enhancing its presence inboth domestic and globa markets. PA HOME’s subsidiaries in the United States, located in Orlando, Panama City(FL), Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta, as well as in MelbourneAustralia, and Dubai, UAE are central to the global outreach. PA HOME’s divisional factory in Indonesia, stablished to navigate the anti-dumping duties on cabinets in the United States. PA HOME’s global expansion brings home customization solutions to the world.

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CasaNoah PA

It offers comprehensive project support including consultancy and installation, and benefits from duty-free Indonesian imports with zero AD/CVD.

Indonesia Factory

Indonesian factory dedicated to US market. Ship products without AD/CVD. Mass produce RTA frameless cabinets meeting US standards.

Hex PA

HEX PA offers local cabinet fabrication, rapid project solutions, and a supportive team for design, installation, and comprehensive post-sale services.

AlSalim PA

Al Salim PA provides local cabinet fabrication, quick project solutions, and a team offering comprehensive design, installation, and aftersales services.

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Growth and Development of PA Home

Since our founding in 2009, PA Home has grown from a local enterprise to a global player in the home customization industry. We dedication to quality and one stop solution experience.

We’ve broadened our reach with subsidiaries across the globe, while diversifying our offerings to include a wide range of products from cabinets to full bathroom solutions. Our growth is a testament to our ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market.

PA Home’s story is one of continuous innovation, an unwavering commitment to fulfilling the unique visions of our customers’ homes.

Founded in 2009, Baishan was a Chinese leader in modern industrial kitchenmanufacturing. Since then, we have devoted consistently to improve kitchensand homes worldwide.
We started to use the new trademark-PA and started to expandinternationally, by setting up an exporting department with a professionalsales team.
The High-End Cabinet “BMW Lacquer Series” was Popular in The InternationalMarket, And Widely Loved By European And American Families.

The new 20,000 square meters factory was founded, which includes cabinet body &frame and lacquer plants, a showroom, and offices. This made PA became as one of thelargest cabinetry manufacturers in Guangdong.
PA expanded its product lines and began to provide full-house solutions.
With its flourishing success in overseas markets, PA set up offices in Australia, and Malaysia.
A new 2,000 square meters showroom has been finalized, showcasing our latest productrange which encompasses kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms, home furniture and more.With this addition, our showrooms has exceeded 400 in worldwide.

Expanded to 40,000-square meter factory, producing 100,000+sets of kitchens 20,000+sets home furniture, and 155,000+sets bathrooms annually.

A branch manufacturing factory was set up in Jakarta, Indonesia, to expand UScabinet market.
Despite the pandemic, we achieved a 20% increase in sales compared to 2019.
PA Marketing Headquarters relocated to Bld 7, Meiju lBME Center, Foshan, China.
The acquisition of land is scheduled in 2022, followed by a groundbreakingceremony in 2023. The facility is anticipated to commence production before May 2024.

In 2023, PA’s Full System Customization Strategy Is Elevated. Fully Integrating Branding, Digital, Intelligent, Information, and Efficiency Initiatives. Consolidating High-End Global Smart Manufacturing Equipments. Developing Leading Edge Production Lines to Fully Build a Powerful Smart Manufacturing Engine.


Zhaoqing’s Advanced Smart Manufacturing Facility Breaks Ground;
Brand Strategy Fully Upgraded:
Product Strategy Fully Upgraded;
Marketing Centers Fully Upgraded:;
Digital Capabilities Fully Upgraded, Achieving Integrated Synergy ofFrontline and Operational Spheres.

Initiating the “Globalization” Strategy with PA Intelligent Manufacturing, Racing at Full Speed to Propel the Corporation into a World-Class Home Solutions Enterprise.

China Marketing Center Launches “555”(5 years, 500 stores, 500 million RMB) Strategic Goals;

China Direct Marketing Center Launches “533”(5 years, 30 stores, 300 million RMB) Strategic Goals;

The International Trade Center Launched the “557”(5 years, 5 major regions, 700 million RMB) Strategic Goals.

Transform Your Space with PA Home's Expertise

Discover the art of space transformation with PA Home, where over 41,000+ successful projects tell stories of innovation, style, and functionality. From the heart of Indonesia to the landscapes of the Middle East, our custom cabinet projects reflect our commitment to excellence and our passion for bringing your vision to life.

PA Home Brand Culture:

PA Home believes in transforming houses into homes filled with love, comfort, and personalized elegance. Our philosophy revolves around integrating passion, artistry, and cutting-edge technology to create environments where people can live their best lives. We prioritize customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality in every aspect of our work, reflecting our commitment to excellence in home customization.

PA Home

Brand Culture

Brand Philosophy:

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Meet Professional Team


Peter Yang


The founder and president of company has 17 years of experience in the building materials and home furnishing industries. In 2008, he officially established Guangdong Baishan Home Furniture Co., Ltd. and its brand, PA Kitchen.


May Zhu

General Manager

Co owner of PA Kitchen and director of PA Kitchen Overseas Business Department, president of Building Material Supplier Alliance Founding member of the International Trading Heroes Club.


Vicky Yang

Sale Director

16 years of building material international trade and sales experience Top gun of sales team with twentymillion dollars annual sales.


Jianhua Liu

Production Manager

He has unique insights on production management, product research and development, core technology, and processes. He has won the honor of “Outstanding Manager of China Home Building Materials Industry”

Experienced Sales Team

“With over 15 years dedicated to exporting cabinet designs, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the industry. Our rich history allows us to effortlessly grasp the unique tastes and specific needs of customers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our team stands out not just for its vast experience but also for its approachability. We believe in clear communication, ensuring that our clients’ visions are perfectly translated into our designs. Additionally, our expertise equips us to pinpoint any design inefficiencies and promptly suggest appropriate improvement strategies.

One of the significant advantages of collaborating with us is our ability to streamline the assembly process. Drawing from our extensive design experience, we’ve developed techniques to mitigate assembly challenges. This not only simplifies the installation but also significantly reduces potential risks on site, ensuring a smooth project execution.”


serve more than 80 different countries


serve more than 3500 overseas-to-B customers


Experienced designers Team

With over 15 years in the realm of cabinet design exports, we have mastered the art of understanding diverse tastes and discerning the intricate needs of our global clientele. This experience has equipped us to tailor our designs to customers from varied backgrounds, ensuring satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Our seasoned team is not only knowledgeable but also remarkably approachable. We value open dialogue, which aids us in identifying potential design pitfalls. Whenever we spot inefficiencies, we’re adept at offering the most suitable improvement measures.

An added advantage of our rich experience is the smooth assembly process we advocate. By leveraging our design know-how, we drastically reduce assembly challenges, ensuring that on-site risks are kept to an absolute minimum.”


With more than 15 years foreign trade experiences


with more than 41,000 overseas projects


Full Home Customization Solutions | Global Manufacturer | PA Home

PA Home is your trusted global partner for comprehensive home customization solutions. With strategically located factories worldwide and dedicated local service teams, we provide exceptional quality and seamless project management for builders, developers, and homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces.

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