Aluminum Casement Window​

A casement window is hinged on one side and swings outward to the left or right. It easily opens and closes with a crank that folds away when not in use or an Easy-Slide Operator that uses the same simple motion as dimming the lights with a dimmer switch. There are many types of casement windows in PA, such as extremely narrow triple casement windows, French casement windows, casement windows with blinds, etc. At the same time, PA’s aluminum casement windows can be customized, including color, size, lattice, glass, etc., giving you the most unique casement window in the world.


What Is A Casement Window?

A casement window is a type of window that is hinged on one side and opens inward or outward, typically operated by hinge mechanism. It provides excellent ventilation and allows for unobstructed views when fully opened.

Casement windows are known for their energy efficiency, as they create a tight seal when closed. They are commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings.

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Our windows are adaptable any project. We have frame solutions for new and existing construction.

Casement Window Features

Profile Thinckness 1.6mm
Opening Way Outward Opening / Awning
Handle HOPPE Handle in Black and Sliver
Hinge GU Hinge
Lock Point Black Two Point Lock

Thermal insulation performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:

Wind pressure resistance
AS/NZS4420.1 standard:

Watertight performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:

Airtightness coefficient: Level 5

Sound insulation performance
ISO717 standard:

Why Choose Casement Window?


Casement Window | Thermal Insulation

Our design incorporates a thermally non-conductive barrier within the aluminum casement windows frame, interrupting the heat transfer path through the metal. This feature significantly increases the window's ability to maintain indoor temperatures by reducing winter heat loss and summer heat gain, helping to improve energy efficiency and comfort in all climates. These window combine functionality with elegant design, often with customizable options to fit a variety of architectural styles.

Casement Window | Limit Opening Width

PA's aluminum swing window is designed with a feature to limit the opening width, enhancing safety and control. This design is perfect for spaces where window size or safety concerns necessitate restricted opening.

Casement Window |
Top Hardware

The design of the handshaker is simple and generous; the handle can be folded; and the design sense is full. Our out swing windows with handles on the sides make them more waterproof and hurricane-resistant. Handshakes and side locks are more convenient and safer during use.

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