Sliding Doors - or Patio Door

Sliding doors allow you to enjoy a view while also introducing extra space and light into your space. But these attractive and stylish moving glass walls don’t compromise on security or warmth either.


Sliding Door System For Your Business

Our sliding door system is manufactured in a manufacturing plant in Foshan, Guangdong, China. In terms of our quality, cost, technical support, comprehensive service, and lifetime reliability, PA Home™ is your first choice. If you want to find a manufacturer’s finished product with higher quality, more precision, and better service at a reasonable price, please consider contacting PA Home for more information on sliding doors.

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Effortlessly connect your living spaces indoors and out with the PA Home Sliding Patio Door. Enjoy scenic views through large expanses of glass that fill your home with abundant natural light, helping you live and feel better in your home

Customized Options

  • Surface Finish: Laminated glass, Triple glass, Low-E glass, Reflective glass, Tinted glass, Bullet-proof glass
OPENING WAYTwo Tracks / Three Tracks
GLASS TYPETempered Glass
HANDLENarrow Special Aluminum Handle
WHEELMute Two Wheels
AVAILABLE SIZEOpening Panel ( Width:580-1000 / Height:800-2500)

Thermal insulation performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:

Wind pressure resistance
AS/NZS4420.1 standard:

Watertight performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:

Airtightness coefficient: Level 5

Sound insulation performance
ISO717 standard:


Sliding Door |
With Multipoin Lock

Our slider doors feature multiple locking points for enhanced anti-theft capabilities and increased security. At the same time, this multi-point lock system does not occupy space and is beautiful, which can bring a better experience.

Sliding Door |
With Control Blinds

Our aluminum sliding door has the option of custom-controlled blinds. When you are working or enjoying life, the built-in blinds can easily adjust the light and protect your privacy, providing you with convenience and a sense of atmosphere.


Sliding Door |
With Anti-Collision Block

Our aluminum sliding doors also feature impact blocks. An anti-collision block in a sliding door significantly enhances safety by preventing the door from closing too quickly, reducing the risk of accidents, especially in homes with children or pets. It also protects the door from damage, extends its lifespan, diminishes noise during operation, and provides a smoother, more user-friendly experience.

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PA Home is your trusted global partner for comprehensive home customization solutions. With strategically located factories worldwide and dedicated local service teams, we provide exceptional quality and seamless project management for builders, developers, and homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces.

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