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What Is A Folding Door?

A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections or so-called panels. Folding doors are also known as ‘bi-fold doors’, in spite of them most often having more than two panels. Another term is ‘concertina’ doors, inspired by the musical instrument of the same name.

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Customized Options

  • Surface Finish: Laminated glass, Triple glass, Low-E glass, Reflective glass, Tinted glass, Bullet-proof glass
AVAILABLE SIZEOpening Panel ( Width: 580-1500 / Height: 800-2800)
Profile Thinckness 1.6mm
Opening Way Glass Panel Inward Folding / Outward Opening
GLASS TYPE Double Tempered Glass
PROFILE COLOR Black/White/Gray/Coffee(Powder Coating)
LOCK POINT Kerssemberg Lock
HINGE Kerssemberg Hidden Hinge
HANDLE Kerssemberg Handle
AVAILABLE SIZE Opening Panel (Width: 500-800/Height: 1000-2800)

Thermal insulation performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:

Wind pressure resistance
AS/NZS4420.1 standard:

Watertight performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:

Airtightness coefficient: Level 5

Sound insulation performance
ISO717 standard:

Why Choose Folding Windows?

aluminium frame bifold glass sliding window

Folding Door |
Anti-pinch Hand Design

PA’s bi fold doors have an anti-pinch design, giving you more peace of mind during use. In families with children, it is necessary to purchase anti-pinch doors, which can prevent children from creating safety hazards when opening and closing the door.

Folding Door |
Top Grade Silent Wheel

Our aluminum bi fold door bottom sliding system has a load capacity of up to 400KG. Even if the door leaf is large, the sliding direction can slide smoothly and without noise.

Folding Door |
Unique Hidden Hinge Design

Our aluminum folding door hinges are completely hidden when the leaf is closed. Built-in adjustment function solves the installation defect of folding door sagging.

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